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Every week your hosts, Dave and Jeremy, the Barkeeps, will review your favourite beverages and then talk about those beverages in a way that is both hilarious and full of insight. Or not.





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Recorded LIVE at the Social Capital Theatre to a modest but receptive audience, join Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine, See You Next Wednesday, Weekend at Burgie's, Time Bandits, the Dew Over and DrinkAlong on one stage for one night of debachled holiday cheer.

This is being simulcast over the entire Modern Superior network with the incredible musical set being released exclusively on Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine.  Go HERE to hear it all in it's full glory, with extra DrinkAlong content!

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone, and have yourself a safe and happy holiday season!

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Recorded on May 4, 2014, this episode explores the theme of Half & Half beverages (that's beverages mixed with other beverages to create a third beverage) with our very special guests, Melyssa Ade (Interstate 60, Jason X) and Kelly Manchester (How Do You See Toronto?, The Screamening).

This is a long one, but along the way, we're going to talk about some nerdy stuff (like buying signatures at conventions) some social stuff (like the seemingly new ressurgance of racism stories covered by the media) and some political stuff (like Rob Ford's chances in the mayoral election).

Again... this was May.  Treat it as a time capsule!  It was a simpler, warmer time!

We mix up some beer from Mill Street & Amsterdam Breweries and Thornbury Cider for this episode. This is the first time we also try some non-alcoholic beverages! 

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone.


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This starts and ends with an apology from Jeremy who can't hold his bourbon as well as he thought he could.

You make a podcast about drinking, you break a few eggs... into a glass and drink them the next morning.

Through it all, our guest Matthew Price from MAMO! is incredibly insightful, eloquant and tolerant as we discuss fatherhood, crying in movies and a bunch of stuff a couple of guys talk about when having a stiff drink.

And it's a long one, too... so enjoy.


If Doug Ford wins, the next one will feature Dave on a three day bender.

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone.



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Episode Thirty Two - LIVE! at the SoCap Theatre

The Barkeeps are on the town, coming to you from the Social Capital Theatre.

Recorded live on October 4, 2014, they'll be drinking some Moosehead (for enjoyment and for a good cause) as well as Hop City's 8th Sin Black Lager.

And that's not all! 

There'll be a surprise special guest from Modern Superior's own The Dew Over podcast, Tweet's of the Week, and the return of What Were They Drinking? Also, a jawdropping news-bomb about the future of DrinkAlong!!!

Special thanks to the thirsty few who came out on Nuit Blanche to share a couple rounds and win some prizes. We love you.

Special thanks to Gord on sound, Carmine on beer patrol, and Ralph on bar. We love you, too.

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone.

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At the end of a long summer that was barely summer, our barkeeps find themselves at the cottage... relaxed... full of beer... and relaxed.

Join us for this smooth flowing, rain soaked, episode where we sample some Muskoka Harvest Ale and Lake of Bays Spark House and 10 Point IPA.

Along the way, we'll talk about the rigors of podcast sound, the faults of Zack Snyder, small Ontario towns and a very modest Drinkscapade.

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone... 

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Episode Thirty - The Fermentations Signature Beer Challenge

The long wait is finally over. After months of teasing and taunting, the Fermentations Signature Beer has been brewed.  

To celebrate the occasion, the Barkeeps have invited Casey Lyons (See You Next Wednesday), Jamie Dew (The Dew Over) and Matt Brown (MAMO!).

Whether you're new to DrinkAlong, or an old friend, this episode has it all... It's the purest distilled version of "whatever a couple of guys talk about when they're sitting around just having a beer".*

Special thanks to Fermentations at 201 Danforth Ave in Toronto for their help with this episode. We WILL be back and we hope to see all of you there, brewing your own.

DrinkAlong, Don't Drink Alone.

*If your couple of guys are all pop culture/film podcast hosts.


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Every few weeks or so we get a message that says "boy, you guys sound a little drunk at the end there..."

This week is no exception. This week raises the bar.

Join Dave and Jeremy as they talk about Gaurdians of the Galaxy, the DrinkAlong Beer Brew Challenge, trouble for craft beer in New Brunswick and Tim & Eric.

They drink Duvel Triple Hop, Hop City Brewing Co.'s Hopbot IPA and Beau's Matt's Sleepy Time Stout.

It's like an Belgian beer sandwich with a crisp American IPA middle. And the ABV is through the roof.

DrinkAlong, don't drink alone...

And pace yourself, ya dingus.

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The Barkeeps welcome fellow podcaster Jamie Dew from the DewOver podcast to the show this week.

On tap we'll have Black Creek's Lemon Balm, Grand River Brewing's Tailgate, Dominus Vobiscum's Lupulus, and Publican House's Square Nail Pale Ale.

Sorry this one is late, someone got the flu. And soemone keep an eye on Ali...



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In this episode we discovered that Jeremy doesn't know how to hit rec on the recorder... you think he would... he's a dumbass...

BUT we also talk to comedian Ryan Belleville and all is fine.  All is just fine.

We try some Amsterdam Tempest Stout and Downtown Brown (still dirty) with some Mill Street 100th Meridian to break it up.

Along the way we talk about Canadian TV and dog fucking and soccer... There's really too much to go into detail here.

Long story short... Download the episode and don't worry about it.

Drink Along, don't drink alone.

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The War of the APA has begun!

This week the Barkeeps try some Naughty Neighbour by Nickel Brook and pair it with some Great Lakes Crazy Canuck.  Who will win? Does it matter? Do you even read these???

To top it off, they also try some Bell City Brewing's Eureka Cream Ale.

Along the way you'll hear about social experiments, many brain farts and our Asshole of the Week.  Also keep an ear open for our "Demon Wings" alarm. It's subtle.

Not much else to say but DrinkAlong, don't drink alone.

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